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Principal and Founder: Moss Arnold
Assistant Principal Sharon Windle

Moss Arnold founded the Australian College of Chi-Reflexology in 1995 in response to the growing demand for quality educational opportunities in Reflexology and Chi-Reflexology. The College’s Head Office and NSW trainings are located in Springwood, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. The College has in the past had branches in Perth, Western Australia and in the UK – the British College of Chi-Relexlogy.

Where you train is important. We are a specialist Reflexology training institution and as such, we are proud to offer our training in a professional, caring and supportive environment. You will experience the educational quality and enthusiasm the moment you contact the College. With the variety of learning options available and with close consultation we provide the highest standard of support and continuity. We are always there to help and assist during and after your training. Here at the College you will discover things about yourself, make deep friendships with students and staff and like many alumni, start a lifelong connection with the College.

As specialist’s in Reflexology and the only training institution in the world to offer Chi-Reflexology, the College’s unique training offers a variety of levels. These can be applied to the Reflexology profession as well as the Spa, Massage, Body therapies, Beauty and Relaxation industries. Further, the advanced training’s flexibility and depth allows for an expansion into Clinical Reflexology, which is Reflexology as a consultation and treatment of specific imbalances in the private Clinical practice setting. The next and most exciting level of professional Reflexology.

The philosophy of the College is a simple one – to provide quality educational opportunities in Reflexology and Chi-Reflexology, via the best possible, most up-to-date and far-reaching professional training. The College employs .

qualified, highly motivated and experienced trainers. We offer a unique educational opportunity which aims to encourage the development of free-thinking, knowledgable and independent therapists, capable of making decisions for the benefit of their clients. You will develop a variety of theoretical and practical skills that you can call on as needed

The College is at the forefront of the profession, leading the way, through continuous improvement of Reflexology, the development of new techniques and applications, and research such as the Four Poison Points. As a result all material is developed and copyrighted to the College. The College is continuously aiming to improve its training and method of delivery so that as many as possible anywhere in the world can have access to the information.

There are levels of study to suit every student. Currently the structure chosen is a weekend seminar approach:

Reflexology I – Foot Reflexology for Everyone, for home

Reflexology II – For therapists to add Reflexology to their
                           other modalities, such as massage, body
                           therapies, spa and relaxation industries.

Reflexology III/Chi-Reflexology III – Advanced
                            Reflexology training and approaches.

Full Professional training:
      o Diploma of Clinical Reflexology:
Reflexology for private
         professional practice for treating physical, emotional ,
         mental and spiritual imbalances.
     o Diploma of Chi-Reflexology: Advanced energy (chi)
     o Diploma of Reflexology (Medical): Reflexology for the
         health care industry.

PLUS Post-Graduate studies (Continuing professional

The College is committed to the continuing professional development of the its graduates and other professional Reflexologists, natural therapist and health care providers. Therefore, the College encourages its graduates to expand and develop what they do and gives an opportunity for them to share this with others. So Post-Graduate studies offered by the College is constantly growing with graduates and other natural therapists within Australia, and from around the world, being given the vehicle to expand themselves professionally and to share.

Surely the true science is the art of life.
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