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Chi-Reflexology, developed by Moss Arnold, is a unique form of Reflexology and natural therapy. It is based on an understanding of the Chinese philosophy, including, but not exclusively Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the application of this knowledge to the science of Reflexology. The result is a new dynamic approach and therapy.

It combines energy work with the science of Reflexology, with the aim of expanding both; bringing life, vitality and awareness to Reflexology, and developing it as an art. For all therapies are based on science, but the challenge is, once learnt, to turn that science into your own tool, that fits your hands, so to speak. The result is Chi-Reflexology.

Chi-Reflexology is a philosophical approach which emphasises "working with the human being" (rather than against it), empowering rather than depowering, and balancing the human condition. As such it is a truly wholistic therapy dealing with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Techniques have been developed to sedate, stimulate and balance the chi (energy) of the receiver thus encouraging rather than "making" the body activate its innate healing potential. For it is the receiver who heals, not the Reflexologist, nor Reflexology. So, Chi-Reflexology does not heal. It helps. It encourages. It plays it safe ­ "If in doubt, don't".

It developed from being open to new experiences, and the thirst to understand those experiences. It is a journey and a path. It is a new way of being, of seeing, of understanding; yet it is rooted in the ancient past ­; "I shall do no harm." - Hippocratic Oath.

Chi-Reflexology is an approach that combines the intuition with the logical; the literal with the lateral, which expands the boundaries of Reflexology and all natural therapies. With its innate flexibility, it can be easily added to any other therapy, or, if drawn to the approach, can be used exclusively as a therapy in itself.

Chi-Reflexology is alive and its basic quality is one of expanding the therapist as the therapist expands Chi-Reflexology. It is therefore experiential. It is such a simple yet profound approach that a full treatment can be done within minutes, and therefore can easily, once learnt, be added to any other form of Reflexology or therapy.

The latest developments in Chi-Reflexology include understanding the significance of the feet (Mother/Child relationship), The four Poison Points, The Balance Organ Technique, Sedation as a form of Treatment, understanding the messages of the body, diagnosing the underlying chi imbalance - the Process of Life and Death, Linking Techniques and communicating with the body, and the significance of using numbers in a treatment. 

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