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The College Principal, Moss Arnold, offers Chi-Reflexology training around Australia & throughout the world, as requested. He is prepared to share Chi-Reflexology with anyone or any group interested. He can tailor a course to suit any situation, from a Conference Presentation through a half-day Introduction (or particular aspect of Chi-Reflexology), to one, two, three and up to Diploma of Chi-Reflexology level.

Moss also offers Post-Graduate training in Hand (Acupressure in) Reflexology, Spiritual/Crystal Reflexology, Australian Bush Flower Essences & Chi-Reflexology, & Wholistic (Soul-Growth) Numerology.

Most commonly he presents at Conferences, and offers two to three day Post-Graduate seminars in Chi-Reflexology. He offers a range of Post-Graduate Chi-Reflexology courses including

Introduction to Chi-Reflexology  2 or 3 day training.

Chi-Reflexology 1  3 or 4-day training

Chi-Reflexology 2  3 or 4-day training

Chi-Reflexology 3  3-day training

NOTE: These two or three Modules = professional Chi-Reflexology training.

Chi-Reflexology Professional Practitioner training (8-10 days)
10 days  5 X 2 day training (5 weekend Modules)
  9 days  3 X 3-day training
  8 days  2 X 4-day training (Intensive)

The Poison Point Presentations  Evening or half-day training.


NOTE: Annual continuing professional development, training and
education is a requirement of the Health Funds to
maintain provider status and of the professional
associations to maintain professional status.

The College is committed to the continuing professional development of its graduates and other professional Reflexologists, natural therapists, and health care providers. Therefore, the College encourages its own graduates to expand and develop what they do and gives an opportunity for them to share this with others. So, Post-Graduate studies offered by the College is constantly growing, with graduates and other natural therapists within Australia, and from around the world, being given the vehicle to expand themselves professionally and to share.

Currently, the College offers the following Post-Graduate Seminars:

Australian Bush Flower Essences & Chi-Reflexology

Qiropractic Foot Therapy

Essential Oils & Reflexology

Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology

Spiritual/Crystal Reflexology

General Interest:
Wholistic (Soul Growth) Numerology

Post-Graduate Studies (per day) ....... $154.00
General Interest Course (per day) ..... $121.00

(2 days = $242.00)
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