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It is amazing how old information and knowledge resurfaces. The story of the discovery of the Poison Points on the sole of the feet is an interesting example of how this process occurs.

One of the requirements of professional Reflexology qualification in my College is to complete a research project and present said project to an audience. In 1998 a student of mine was doing a great deal of research into the correlations between Reflexology and Acupressure, and Reflexology and Acupuncture. The results of this research were fascinating, with approximately an 80% correlation between Reflexology and Acupressure, while the other correlations were extremely low. This in itself is interesting information, for not only Reflexology, but also all body therapies that have a tendency to incorporate Acupuncture information into their respective therapies. The results indicate that the better and more significant approach would be to combine Acupressure and Reflexology or other body therapies. This of course confirmed my own observations and the approach I take.

However, I divert from the story at hand. Now while doing this research, the student discovered a generalized foot chart labeled “Poison Point” Emergency, to “use firm pressure with thumb and keep up even if tender. If no help – see doctor”. This intrigued him and he included it in his presentation as an aside.

There was a beekeeper in the audience who had been working his bees that morning and had been stung many times, resulting in swollen forearms. I was challenged to try the Poison Points on him to see what would happen. Although it was not my discovery, as Principal, the audience saw me as the one to try it What a challenge! I protested that it was not my discovery and that the chart was very poorly drawn, with little information on where the Poison Points were actually located! My protests, of course fell on deaf ears and I was pressured into using it, on the spot!

Being put on the spot, and being a number of years ago, I fell back on my original training and the information provided. I lacked the necessary self-confidence in my own approach to sedate the points, which is what I would now do. So, I was presented with the two feet and promptly found what I thought to be the Poison Points and stimulated them. The pain was quite intense, although not unbearable. I suspect now that this was because, having been a beekeeper for many years, his body had developed some level of tolerance. However, there are other possibilities.

There was no immediate or significant improvement in his condition, and so the presentations of other students’ research projects continued. After the next student’s presentation, the bee-keeper stood up and said that the swelling in his arms had decreased, as had his discomfort, and he was quite impressed with the results. We accepted his feedback and left it there.

I gave the Poison Points no further thought until January 2002 At this time I received a phone call from a Reflexologist whom I had trained and who had attended the Poison Points presentation. He rang me at 10pm one night from his hospital bed, rather desperate for information on the Poison Points, as he had been in hospital for a few days as a result of extreme chemical poisoning in his right leg. The medical staff were talking about the poison getting into his torso and to prevent this they were considering amputation! He was, as you can imagine, extremely desperate to avoid this, and as he was so insistent, I told him where I thought they were located and made suggestions as to how to work it. The Reflexologist takes up the story –

“I spent three days in hospital where they pumped me full of antibiotics, but nothing was working. I still couldn’t put my leg down because when I did the pain was excruciating.

Being a Reflexologist, I had heard about the Poison Points and rang Moss one night from my hospital bed to ask about it. I then called my sister to come and help me while I was still in hospital. I directed her to my right foot. She felt around the area and found a point on my foot on the metatarsal pad, which was excruciating, as if she was pushing a nail into my foot slowly. I told her to stimulate it vigorously. It hurt like hell but I gritted my teeth and put up with the pain. Within an hour I was able to start putting my leg down without severe pain and throbbing. Now it was becoming bearable and I was able to start walking again. I left hospital and went home and did some more work on it. It was maybe two hours later I had it stimulated again and the pain was decreasing. By the next day nearly all the pain had ceased.”

Now I was beginning to find the Poison Points of interest. Yet, after discussing it with this Reflexologist and sharing his story at the next Research Presentation, I left it there, until April of 2002, when my ex-partner became dramatically involved in the process. Her story follows.

“On Friday March 22, 2002, I found I had two insect bites on my left leg. One bite appeared above my anklebone and the other on the back of my leg below the calf. These bites appeared to be infected mosquito bites. Moss and I treated them accordingly for the next 10 days. By Easter Sunday, I had realized that these were not mosquito bites at all. They were White Tailed spider bites and they were becoming necrotic. We decided to belay the treatment we had been applying and observe their progress or lack thereof.

By 3 p.m. Easter Monday, both the foot and the leg (up to the knee) had swollen dramatically. They were extremely hot, shiny and so incredibly painful that I could not even place my foot on the floor. The necrosis was also radically advancing.

We had guests staying with us over Easter and both Moss and our visitors were emphatic about taking me to the Emergency ward at our local hospital. I was equally as emphatic that we were not going. Hence, I suggested that Moss should try the points he had recommended to the Reflexologist mentioned above. When Moss started to work on the points the pain was sharp and excruciating.”

I immediately sat on the kitchen floor and took both of her feet in my lap and promptly found the rwo Poison points on both feet. The Poison Points were excruciatingly painful. So, using the tip of my vertical thumbs between the bones, I immediately sedated one, and then the other, and they were immediately better. For some reason I also moved up half a thumb towards the toes, and found that there was a second set of points that were also excruciating! Again I sedated both of these, with an almost instant decrease in pain in the points themselves.

Two issues are interesting here. Firstly, I suspect that the top point is the reflex of the subclavian vein where the lymphatic system enters the blood stream, and that this would be useful in any poisoning situation. The second and more significant aspect is that the Poison Point is not this reflex and therefore something else! But what? An energy point! My ex-partner continues –

“Having experienced a White Tailed spider bite in the past, from which I suffered for three months, the result was nothing short of astounding. It was as if we were watching a television documentary that utilized time-lapse photography.

Within 15 minutes, while we watched, the swelling in the leg and foot reduced almost completely, the redness receded to being present only around the bites themselves and I could place my foot on the floor. Moss worked the points again before we retired for the night. The following morning we went to my local doctor who confirmed White Tailed spider bites and expressed his amazement at the length of time since having been bitten and the lack of progress of the symptoms.

Moss continued to work the points over the next few days and within a few weeks I was fully recovered with no recurrence of symptoms and only minimal scarring.”

I do not share new information until I am satisfied of its significance. These incidents, especially the last one, convinced me of the potency of the four Poison Points, and so I have since, in my seminars, shared these stories and the location of the four Poison Points.

What is Poison? So many questions arise.

As demonstrated above, the Poison Points have been effective in counteracting the effects of “recognized” poisons.Could it aso be used effectively in isolatin aganst these and other pollutants, infections,  ect.? Would it also b effective for emotional, mental and spiritual poisonings?   

I am so convinced about the effectiveness of the four Poison Points, especially when combined with sedation, that sharing it with the health care system, especially emergency workers such as ambulance and paramedics, hospital emergency workers, and general first aid training should occur. As the health care system will not accept anecdotal evidence, medical research needs to be done into these four Poisons Points and sedation as a form of treatment. For this to occur there needs to be medical professionals interested in pursuing this. Hopefully the opportunity to conduct medical research will happen.

I am still in the process of gathering data to identify the extent of possible uses of these very powerful points. Please, if you do use them, send all feedback, positive or negative, by email to All information gathered is valid – both positive and negative feedback. In fact so far I have gathered very few if any negative responses, which my logical, critical mind has trouble accepting. There must be incidences of poisoning that they are not good for.

I have gathered enough information now to know that the four points and sedation work, which for me is exciting. This is why I have shared the information, so that I can better define what “poison” is, whether it is insect bites, chemical poisoning, emotional poisoning or any other kind, and what the points are good and not good for. So any feedback, both positive and negative would be gratefully received.

With stimulation, you must realise that I do literally NO stimulation work any more. I have found that sedation is much more effective on physical problems than stimulation. I am also gathering reports, information and case histories on sedation work from those I have taught in my own College and around the world. I especially would like to know if either sedation or stimulation has been used, and the results. This is particularly important to me, as indications are that sedation is a faster response and more effective – my gut feeling as it is – but I would like it confirmed. It will also help to verify the fact that sedation is the more effective, not only on the four Poison Points, but elsewhere as well. So far, it (sedation) has been very effective even on physical problems - "bone growth" "ganglia" etc gradually disappear.

One question I have had is what is actually happening in the body? How is it getting rid of poisons so quickly. There must be physiological responses happening. Preliminary feedback indicates that perhaps sedating these four poison points in isolation increases urinationand perhaps expelling the "poison" via respiration. This is interesting. So if you do use these points take note of any body’s responses, as these could be of interest.

Examples of the Poison Points being used that I have gathered so far include:-

       One person reported it was useful for "emotional poisoning" in the case of her daughter

       Another who is allergic to mosquito bites sedated the points, and consequently had none of the usual negative responses, either physically at the sight of the bite where the inflammation was, or within her.

       The most interesting for me was a Reflexologist who initially stimulated the points for White Tail Spider bite. The woman obtained some relief, but not huge. Then the article in “Reflexology World” magazine came out, and she then sedated the points with significantly better and quicker results.

       Another one is a graduate of mine, whose ex-husband had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, and she used the four Poison Points once a day for two days and his Liver count went from 40% to 100%. She continued to work with the Poison Points and her ex-husband for her Research Project over a 12 month period, with amazing results, including the Liver tests, which I have copies of.

       Another Reflexologist reported that she used the Poison Points on her young daughter for Glandular Fever with excellent results, and she was back at school within two weeks.

       One mother used the Poison Points covertly on her marijuana-addicted son resulting in him stopping for the first time in over 15 years.

       Bicycle accident with injuries including a deeply lacerated palm of left hand down into thickest part of hand pad into thumb, which both his wife (a nurse) and his doctor realized would require plastic surgery once healed. Working just the Poison Points; not only did the hand immediately start to throb and itch but almost simultaneously the pain began to subside. The end result was that the Doctor was amazed at the improvement over three days and there is no need for plastic surgery. The Poison Points helped with the infection thus aiding the healing process, which is fascinating!

       Sedated the points for injured right shin, with swelling and bruising. Pain excruciating in right Poison Points but not left.

       2-year-old boy with five spider bites on his little ankle. Sedated the Poison Points ONLY a number of times over two days by which time there was only one clear blister and ankle and foot back to normal.

       One Reflexologist reported her observation that they are more sensitive in clients experiencing acute grief.

       My website designer, unbeknownst to me, had been over twelve months attempting to deal with a huge tooth abscess the size of an egg. Nothing had worked (both complementary and medical), and in desperation, as he was adding the Poison Point article to my website, he rang me, and “worked the points ONLY in an anticlockwise motion” for about 5 minutes maximum”. Within 20 minutes the swelling in his jaw “miraculously disappeared”, and the excruciating pain was now only minor tenderness. It burst a few hours later and by the next day had drained fully and the swelling had already gone down.

       Lastly, a more unusual example, an “Herbal Med student” read the original article, and “when in a completely drunken state”….. during a very heavy drinking session, he “massaged the points for about 10 minutes” over half an hour, which sobered him up. So much so that he could go back to drinking, and he was amazed that he woke the next morning with no hangover.

       Canadian black fly bites – within half an hour the swelling went down and the itching stopped.

       Used effectively for panic attacks and Candida.

I have been gathering anecdotal evidence from around the world, into the Four Poisons Points (two each foot) on the sole of the both feet. It is time to share the results.

• 63.9% used the Poison Points ONLY, and 52.8% used sedation approach

• Positive results in 86.1% of cases, and within minutes (39%) to next day (27.6%) Total of positive results by the next day 66.6% (with 25% unclear of timeframe).

If you do use these points I would recommend:
1.Using them in isolation (the four Poison Points ONLY), AND
2. Sedating them, i.e. find the exact point with the tip of your thumb (thumb nail parallel to the bones, so that you can get between the bones), with pressure BUT NO PAIN, and gently, slowly under the skin circle anticlockwise for SIX of the receiver’s out-breaths.

The most important aspects for me are:

1. What type of poisoning was involved?

2. Combined with other Reflexology (when? And how?)
    Or in isolation?

3. All four points?

4. Method used – stimulation, sedation or balance?, and

5. Response/s – positive or negative.

I have attempted to group conditions together so that there were abscesses, accidents, allergic reactions, and bites and stings (38.8% of anecdotal cases), with the rest being singular poisoning situations. The majority of feedback has indicated the Poison Points potency, with very little negative feedback received. Whether this is due to the fact that Reflexologists only contacted me if the results were positive or that there were very few if any negative responses is not clear.

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